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Channel Tunnel (Chunnel)
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Essential Statistics:
Area: Folkestone, England, and Sangatte, France
Completion Date: 1994
Price: $21 billion
Length: 163, 680 foot (31 miles)
Purpose: Railroad
Setting: Underwater
Products: metal, concrete
Engineer(s): Transmanche Connect Engineering Firm

When England and France decided to link their particular two nations with a 32-mile rail tunnel beneath the English Channel, engineers had been up against an enormous challenge. Not just would they should develop one of several longest tunnels worldwide; they might need persuade people that guests will be safe in a tunnel this dimensions. Tunnel fires, like Holland Tunnel disaster, had been common currently. Exactly how did the designers resolve this dilemma? They built a getaway path.

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The Channel Tunnel, also called the Euro Tunnel or Chunnel, really comprises of three tunnels. Two of tubes are full sized and accommodate rail traffic. Among both train tunnels is an inferior solution tunnel that functions as a crisis escape path. There are also several "cross-over" passages that allow trains to switch from one track to another. Just one year after the Chunnel opened, this engineering design was put to the test. Thirty-one everyone was trapped in a fire that broke out in a train originating from France. The look worked. Everyone was capable escape through the solution tunnel.

It took simply three-years for from France and The united kingdomt to chew through chalky earth and satisfy a huge selection of legs below the surface for the English Channel. These days, trains roar through the tunnel at increases to 100 kilometers per hour and it's feasible to obtain from one end to another in mere 20 moments!

Here's how this tunnel stacks against some of the longest tunnels on the planet.
(total length, in legs)
Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) 163, 680' (31 miles)

Fast Facts:
  • During the time it had been being built, the Chunnel ended up being the most expensive building task previously conceived. It took $21 billion to complete the tunnel. That is 700 times more expensive as compared to expense to create the Golden Gate Bridge!
  • Lots of the tunnel-boring machines applied to the Chunnel were as long as two soccer areas and capable of boring 250 feet every day.
  • When construction started in 1988, British and French tunnel workers raced to reach the center of the tunnel very first. The Uk won.

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