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Building the Brooklyn Bridge

Sandhog: Building the

Brooklyn Bridge, 1871

he cold, sour winter months of 1866-67 reminded the people of Brooklyn why they therefore desperately wanted a connection built throughout the East River for connecting them with New York City. Once more, the East River ended up being frozen, leaving them no simple solution to get to the city to either work or play. It took less time; it absolutely was said, to go from state money of Albany to New York City by train than to get from Brooklyn to nyc by carriage when the river was frozen. This time around, the governmental leaders of Brooklyn determined, the fantasy wouldn't be rejected.

The fantasy had been recognized just after the assistance of New York City's political employer, William Tweed, ended up being guaranteed with an ample economic reward. Nothing beats it had previously been tried on such a sizable scale. It will be the longest suspension system bridge in the field - extending over a mile from end to end. It can add an increased pedestrian promenade as well as 2 double towers that will dwarf everything within the surrounding skyline.

The bridge's fashion designer, John Roebling, died in a nut accident as he had been surveying the area for the connection's Brooklyn tower in 1869 while the task of turning their design into reality fell to his boy, Washington.

The initial objective was to firmly anchor the bridge's two towers on the solid bedrock found in levels of dirt underneath the East River. An enormous wood caisson, resembling a giant package, ended up being assembled on land, towed into the site for the Brooklyn-side tower and sunk. Compressed-air had been pumped in to the chamber to prevent the encompassing water from dripping in. The caisson's untrue floor ended up being ripped aside allowing workers to discover the river bottom.

The working conditions within the caisson resembled a scene from Dante's Inferno. The tremendous force, the suffocating heat, the lack of oxygen and the noise all combined to restrict an employee's time within the caisson to at the most couple of hours. While they ascended through the compressed air into the top of caisson, the employees were threatened utilizing the crippling and painful aftereffects of the bends - an imbalance of nitrogen when you look at the bloodstream caused by a too fast ascension out from the compressed air.

Despite the manufacturing, governmental and financial difficulties, the bridge was opened with great general public recognition in 1883.

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