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Uxmal and Chichen Itza

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If I had 2 times in Mexico City, i'd most likely journey the centro historico - the Aztec stays and museum next to the cathedral, walk-around the centro historico - perhaps make the metro to Los Angeles Merced - among busiest craziest marketplace in Mexico. Perhaps not the best neighbor hood, supposedly, however, if you are taking the metro, it stops right in the market. Or, take the pesero van from centro historico over Avenida Reforma to check out the Anthropology Museum (therefore the contemporary art museum across the street).

On Sunday i'd visit Xochimilco and hire a vessel to cruise all over canals or perform some Coyoacan visit recommended by Londoner. Or if perhaps section of your stay is on Saturday, look at the Bazaar Sabado in San Angel together with studio of Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera. Men and women either love the Bazaar Sabado or call-it a tourist pitfall, but there is some good art indeed there - and exceptional good quality crafts inside - and its own outstanding area.

During the night I would undoubtedly go to Condesa - totally safe to walk around many great taverns and restaurants.

And, to your original question - Uxmal. Chichen Itza had been my very first spoil knowledge, and its own wonderful, nonetheless it doesnt offer the art (for decreased a much better word) as Uxmal. Uxmal is magnificent with many carvings and reliefs, you will take a large number of photos! And, in the event that you go the evening prior to, the light program is really worth going to.

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