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Christ the Redeemer Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Completed in 1931 and standing 120 foot high, Christ the Redeemer (O Cristo Redentor) in Rio de Janiero may be the second biggest statue of Christ in the field. It had been named among the New Seven Wonders worldwide in 2007.

History of Christ the Redeemer

The concept of putting a big Christian memorial atop Corcovado top in Rio goes back towards 1850s, whenever a nearby Catholic priest asked for funds from Princess Isabel to build one. The princess had not been enthusiastic and program was scrapped totally using founding of the Republic of Brazil in 1889, which separated church and state.

In 1921, the Catholic Circle of Rio started to collect signatures and contributions for a privately-funded Christian monument. Different styles had been considered, including a big mix and a statue of Christ keeping a globe, but ultimately a picture of Christ along with his arms wide open was opted for.

Building started in 1922. The statue of Christ the Redeemer ended up being created by local engineer Heitor da Silva Costa and sculpted from tangible and soapstone by Paul Landowski, a Frenchman. After nine years and an expense of $250, 000, the statue opened towards general public on, a chapel aimed at the patron saint of Brazil (Nossa Senhora Aparecida) ended up being built at base. The statue had been struck by lightning in February 2008 during a major electrical violent storm, but escaped any damage as a result of the insulating properties of soapstone.

What things to See at Christ the Redeemer

Cristo Redentor portrays Christ with his arms spread large in a welcoming motion, representing his part as redeemer of the world. It stands 120 legs high like the pedestal and is 98 feet large. Manufactured from concrete and soapstone and sculpted in a modern design, it weighs an overall total of 635 tons.

Looking at a peak over 2, 000 foot large, Christ the Redeemer is famed for its magnificent views across town of Rio de Janeiro.

The little Chapel of Nossa Senhora Aparecida (2006) at the root of the statue hosts weddings, baptisms and Mass on Sundays. There is a cafe close to the statue.

Getting Truth Be Told There

Christ the Redeemer is based on Corcovado top (710 m/2329 ft) in the south section of Rio de Janeiro. The memorial is obtainable by-road and a cog railroad (3.8km), which offers fine views along the way. From the parking area or train terminus, visitors have actually either 220 tips or a system of elevators to achieve the statue. The past train departs from Corcovado at about 6:15pm.

Quick Facts on Christ the Redeemer

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