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Colosseum Rome tickets

Standard GroupsThis reservation allows you to go to the committed entrance of Roman Forum to change your voucher with the entry pass.

Your reservation will not provide you with a particular entrance time. It can be used from the selected date at that time you prefer in line with the availability of the Colosseum (max 3.000 visitors at a time within the site). You can easily confirm the available time whenever you exchange your voucher in the Roman Forum violation workplace.

From the first Sunday of each thirty days the Colosseum is free while the entrance can not be reserved.

Colosseum provides with set aside entry time:

Colosseum Reservation for Groups

For groups more than 13 people, you should employ the unique reservation process reserved for groups (with dedicated entry times and reduced rates).

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Paid down cost tickets (simply for European Union residents)
- amongst the ages of 18 and 25 (the person needs to be under the age of 25. In the event that individual is 25 or older a complete price solution is needed)
- School teachers (must-have a document or ID that identifies all of them as instructor employed as a full time teacher - not valid for college educators).

No-cost tickets
- children under 18 years

People who have handicaps and their particular friend are eligible to a free pass, offering that they have good medical documentation of this impairment - NO RESERVATION REQUIRED.


Colosseum ticket: Combo solution, Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine, valid for 2 times.
Full Ticket: € 12.00
Reduced Ticket: € 7.50 (eu resident between 18 and 25 years of age)

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