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10 Facts about Victoria Falls

The Victoria FallsA trip to the Victoria Falls is vital whenever you see south Africa and Toka Leya Camp could be the perfect base from which to go to the Falls. The camp’s experienced and knowledgeable guides offer visitors an unforgettable experience when they see this famous natural wonder. Added to the Falls, Toka Leya offers visitors the right place to explore the location further with tasks including river watercraft cruises, rhino tracking, cultural visits and time for you enjoy one of the many adventure recreations. If you like a while to unwind and relish the flow for the mighty Zambezi River, your tent is specifically designed so that you could unwind before maneuvering to the next destination.

Zimbabwe or Zambia?
There's a continuous debate on which side of the Victoria Falls is best to view the spectacle though many people will agree that the best option is through the permitting views of some two-thirds of the Falls.

Batoka Gorge, Victoria FallsBut, if you want to view the moonbow, the Zambian part is better, from Eastern Cataract where moon rises you. The Zambian part in addition has a tendency to run dry initially when the water amounts of the Zambezi River fall later on when you look at the season.

The Biggest On Earth…
Victoria Falls could be the biggest curtain of dropping liquid worldwide, forming many remarkable function of the Zambezi River. The Victoria Falls level varies from 70 metres to 108 metres, and is 1708 metres wide. The five important areas of the waterfall feature:

  • The Devil’s Cataract is 70 metres high and is named after the adjacent area in the river.Victoria Falls spray Local tribes used to do sacrificial ceremonies and when the missionaries found its way to the location they known these ceremonies as “devilish” thus the name given to this cataract.
  • The primary Falls tend to be 93 metres high plus the many majestic due to their large curtain of water, and a top circulation rate of 700 000 cubic metres each and every minute. The absolute amount over the level regarding the falls is really so great that before getting anywhere close to the bottom, the water is buffeted because of the strong rising winds and changed into mist.
  • Horseshoe Falls (95 metres large) is formed like a horseshoe along with the lowest number of liquid it will be the first ever to dry out, typically between October and November.
  • The highest point of 108 metres is named the Rainbow Falls. On a clear day a beautiful rainbow can typically be looked at at this time
  • The Eastern Cataract may be the second greatest point at 101 metres and it is situated entirely on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls with stunning views through the Zimbabwean side at Danger Point.

Rainbow on Victoria FallsGorges…
There are seven principle gorges after the real Victoria Falls with straight wall space some 120 metres large with the level of the lake varying to 20 metres involving the damp and dry months.

The seven concept gorges are:

  • The foremost is one that the Zambezi River falls into at Victoria Falls
  • The next gorge is 250 metres south regarding the falls and it is roughly 2.15 kilometres long
  • The third gorge is 1.95 kilometres very long and 600 metres south of this Victoria Falls
  • The fourth gorge is 2.25 kilometres long and 1.15 metres further south
  • The 5th gorge is known as Songwe and is 5.3 kilometres south of the Victoria Falls, stretching for 3.3 kilometres.
  • The final gorge, Batoka is underneath the Songwe gorge and about 120 kilometres long as lake works and 80 kilometres since the crow flies, closing east associated with Victoria Falls.

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