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Lighthouse of Alexandria Facts

The Lighthouse at Alexandria can also be known as the Pharos of Alexandria.

The town Alexandria ended up being named by Alexander the truly amazing. It was certainly one of 17 towns and cities he known as after himself, but Alexandria had been mostly of the to survive. It is still a prosperous town these days.

Alexander the truly amazing passed away in 323 BC. The Lighthouse at Alexandria had been built from 290 BC, a long time after Alexander the truly amazing's death.

Ptolemy Soter was the ruler of Egypt who decided to develop the lighthouse to guide sailors to the port.

In the present money it can have price around three million bucks to construct. In 290 BC it cost 800 skills (the form of profit now).

It's thought to are made out of limestone blocks.

The cheapest standard of the lighthouse ended up being 100 foot square and 240 foot large. The next amount had eight sides and ended up being about 115 legs tall. The next amount had been a 60 base large cylinder which had an opening at the very top to allow a place where in actuality the fire burned to light the way for sailors in the night. On top of this ended up being a statue in honor of Poseidon, the god regarding the sea.

The Lighthouse at Alexandria had been roughly 450 foot high.

Inside the lighthouse there were stairs that permitted individuals to climb up into the beacon chamber.

It was stated that there was a big mirror in, perhaps made from polished bronze. The objective of the mirror would be to project a beam of light from representation associated with the fire.

It was damaged by three earthquakes. After the final quake it had been abandoned and fell to ruins. This allowed sailors to look at ray at night. The smoke from fire was essential through the day because led sailors through the day. Both laser beam and the smoke could be regarded as far as 100 miles away.

The fantastic Pyramid of Giza may be the longest surviving associated with Seven marvels regarding the Ancient World. The second is the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus as well as the Lighthouse of Alexandria ended up being the third longest to endure.

In 1480 the last the lighthouse's remaining rock was familiar with build the Citadel of Qaitbay by the sultan of Egypt Qaitbay. The citadel ended up being built on exactly the same island in which the lighthouse as soon as stood.

Julius Caesar mentions the Lighthouse of Alexandria in the writings.

Today the town of Alexandria utilizes the representation of the lighthouse regarding flag regarding the Alexandria Governorate and on their seal. In addition it appears regarding seal of Alexandria University.

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