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Great Wall of China for Kids

Very first Emperor Qin was just emperor for 15 years. However in that point, he made great changes. It had been under his guideline that Asia became one nation.

One of the things Emperor Qin wished to achieve would be to enhance Asia's defense against the Mongol tribe to the north. China's all-natural barriers inside eastern, south, and west, protected the girl from intrusion. But Asia was susceptible to the north.

Emperor Qin put individuals to strive to develop the Great Wall. Qin wanted a wall 30 feet large and 50 legs large. This was rather an engineering feat!

Qin put many individuals to focus building the wall surface including criminals, scholars, grabbed opponents and anybody he believed like assigning towards wall surface construction. Laborers whom handled the wall were not compensated and they were not given definitely meals. It had been slave-labor and incredibly harsh. Individuals passed away of infection and fatigue. There were accidents from dropping stones.

And even though Qin put over 3, 000 individuals work creating the wall, it took only a little longer than he'd initially thought it would to construct. It took over 1700 years! Emperor after emperor followed Qin's lead and pushed visitors to build the wall. Once the wall surface was done, it was 3700 miles long!

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