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A bit out of the ordinary, we start our hike at Old Dragon Head, the eastern-most point of Great Wall where wall touches the Yellow water. We’ll start hiking west through Shanhaiguan and Jiaoshan, stopping through some local villages on the way. For the next time we'll hike to Sandaoguan, an ideal piece of wall surface that features both unrestored “Wild Wall” and restored wall. Afterwards, we’ll really rough it by hiking from Dongjiakou to Xiaohekou, rugged unrestored sections that'll be a challenge to climb, however the experience are going to be extraordinary. Here time we’ll simply take a brief respite from the truly amazing Wall to check out the East Qing tombs, the resting place for much of China’s last ruling dynasty. We’ll after that resume our hike by trekking Huangyaguan, which presents a miniature structure of the entire Great Wall. We’ll then end your adventure by going on the most popular Great Wall hike, starting from the western end of Simatai (the rest is closed for the time being), we’ll pass through Jinshanling before ending in Gubeikou, a strategically important part of wall that last saw action when the Japanese invaded in the 1930s. The wall surface here's extremely photogenic, and its own steepness and partly-dilapidated state will present a beneficial work-out.
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We kick off your adventure in a fitting way by hiking the unrestored section of Badaling, which is often passed over by Chinese tourists. This walking here's high and tough, however the knowledge will undoubtedly be stimulating. We’ll cross-over into Shixiaguan, a dramatic and preserved piece of wall surface situated among hills and rolling mountains. A day later the scene will shift to Hunaghuacheng, and from right here we're going to hike to Xishuiyu. The climbing the following is challenging, but you’ll be compensated by a great sight once we reach Xishuiyu-the Great Wall underwater! The following day we're going to trek at Jiankou, an attractive section dotted with epic damages and put up into the mountains. We shall quickly transfer to Mutianyu, one of the most photographed sections of the truly amazing Wall and which features a toboggan trip on the way down! These time we shall start at Gubeikou, a strategically important part of the wall surface that also saw activity through the Japanese intrusion associated with 1930s. We will pass over into Jinshanling, where in another of its watchtowers is where we are going to camp instantaneously. The next day we are going to move into west Simatai (the remainder of Simatai is closed for the time being), where in fact the unrestored “Wid Wall” and high tips offers very the work out. We’ll then drive to Huangyaguan, a section of this is a composite of the entire Great Wall, and that will be set in a striking valley. We’ll conclude your odyssey by going to the Baiyangu Marble Wall, an often overlooked unrestored area which includes a 1.5k long marble wall surface.
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