Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay is the greatest option to explore the spectacular beauty of Halong Bay. Paddle through islets; see hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled shores and drifting fishing villages…Kayaks go in which various other big ships cannot. Depending on trip length, visitors have different kayak route and time frame. Cruise with Indochina Junk, paddling around the countries, get closer to limestone karst and relish the spectacular nature in a less visited part of Bai Tu extended Bay must certanly be an excellent knowledge forever.

When kayaking, you need to follow the trip guide; its high-risk to accomplish yourself without warning or instruction. The tour guide will allow you to make use of paddle and guide you towards the safe area. Life coat is crucial with this task whenever cruising Halong Bay. You are able to should prepare ideal clothes: T-shirt and brief, swimming fit in summer; cozy garments in cold weather; wet footwear, hat, sunglasses… bring liquid, sunlight lotion, dry bag keeping camera, insect repellent…

Due to the bay’s thousands of islands the problems for ocean kayaking are perfect – the water is relaxed, the present is fine and the wind just isn't too powerful.

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