The Boulder City/Hoover

Boulder City Hoover Dam Museum



​The Museum's three-dimensional, interactive shows and displays describe the great social and financial causes surrounding the 1929 Stock Market Crash and Depression that drove a large number of unemployed citizens from their domiciles in to the separation associated with Nevada wilderness where Boulder Canyon Project ended up being mostly of the places in the United States in which men can find work.

Photographs, artifacts, oral histories, and the sounds of Hoover Dam construction ringing off the walls of Black Canyon provide a sense of the complexity, danger, and immense scale of the construction project, as well as a picture of ordinary life in an extraordinary time and place.

Listen as these pioneers tell about their particular resides in Boulder City and down in the Hoover Dam construction site inside desperate years of the early 1930s.

Mothers explain the way they create households inside sandy wastes across the Colorado River. Dam workmen tell stories of the risks they faced creating Hoover Dam, an engineering task unlike any attempted before.

exactly how performed they live? Just how performed they survive 120-degree heat during summer and below-freezing conditions into the winter?

Just how performed they care for kids? Just how did they reunite and forth to focus? The amount of money performed they make in Boulder City, a town completely managed by the authorities? What performed their houses look like? What occurred if workmen were hurt or killed at work?

Look at the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum to learn ...

Exhibit Hours

seven days weekly

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Time, and New Years Day.

​The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum informs the story of Boulder Canyon Project because it had been skilled because of the people just who braved the desolation of the Southern Nevada wilderness to build Hoover Dam and Boulder City.

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