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Why is Iguazu Falls famous?

bird-54 days and 3 evenings focused on discover the northeast jungle section of Argentina. Its a pristine spot where in actuality the past melts using present. 60 miles east through the famous Iguassu Falls during the edge between Brazil and Argentina extends a sizable portion of subtropical rainforest safeguarded by environmental guidelines.

This interesting journey is surprising for the daring traveller. Far from massive tourism offer breathtaking surroundings described as rich biodiversity, lush green jungle vegetation in comparison using its purple earth.

Effective rivers and bucolic channels irrigate the woodland. Clear blue-sky. The interesting living history of the Guarani indigenous individuals, and their particular relation with european pioneers.

At night, the shout of an owl, the fantastic Milky Method, as well as the secret of the Jungle by a hearth at the convenience of Yacutinga Lodge accommodations.


Yacutinga Professional Nature Reserve. A birding paradise close Iguazu Falls

Unique for nature lovers

The region regarding the Iguazu Falls and surrounding Parks & Reserves offers important bird variety.
Located 80 kilometers East from Iguazu Falls with a leaving bird-list of over 320-bird species identificated and subscribed, the unique Yacutinga professional Reserve plus the comfort of Yacutinga Lodge guarantee a successful birding expedition.

The Iguazu Falls area belongs to the phyto-geographical area of the Parana Forest. This will be probably the most bio-diverse areas in Argentina.

Iguazú drops Yacutinga LodgeThe main qualities that create this exuberant Nature tend to be its cozy climate, continual moisture, while the decreased dry seasons and switching environment.

Most readily useful talked eco trips during the upper Iguazu lake

Most probably you may be arranging your travel including the stop by at the popular Iguazu waterfalls. Because of its place and ecological concept, Yacutinga Lodge has become the most suitable choice to explore in more detail the peculiarities of this Argentinian Internal Atlantic Rainforest .

kayaksYacutinga may be the perfect expansion for the visit to the Iguazu Falls. A distinctive knowledge simply 2 hours out of the amazing Iguazu Falls to savor the miraculous and soothing comfort for the location while discovering the curiosities of the nature.

After 15 years of leading ecotourism, our company is happy to announce that people came across when it comes to 2nd consecutive year with all the Rainforest Alliance verification. The typical Rainforest Alliance verification is approved because of the international Sustainable Tourism Council, and is aligned with the worldwide Sustainable Tourism Criteria, a couple of strict signs available,
social, social and environmental problems.
This achievement truly aids the powerful dedication Yacutinga preserves using the environment, aided by the team that offers its special identification, and with the community generally. Additionally, in 2010, our sustainability overall performance reached the degree of excellence, which is the greatest rating given by the Rainforest Alliance.

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