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I recently traveled through Guatemala for two weeks and visited several historical locations along the way. What really attracted me to Guatemala this year was that 2012 is the year of the Mayans. There are more then 1, 500 Mayan ruins in Guatemala, most of which are located in the northern region of the Petén Basin.

You can find hundreds of ruins, but hundreds more are still buried under dense woodland. It is very pricey to excavate, restore, and continue maintaining the damages. Listed below are four Mayan ruins in Guatemala that you cannot miss!


This can be regarded as the the white city associated with the Mayans and unlike a lot of the Mayan ruins people visit, Zaculeo is located in the outskirts associated with the little-known city of Huehuetenango in western Guatemala, that will be about a 1-hour drive from Mexico. The site goes on Classic period of the Mayans and it is essential visit if you wish to experience another type of types of Mayan structure. It served since the capital associated with Mam Kingdom from AD 250-600. Your message Zaculeu means “white earth in Mam.Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.25.34 in the morning just what establishes it apart could be the the material the Mam familiar with build their particular city- a white rock very different than just about any other Mayan site. The website isn't any where as big as Tikal or Yaxha but it’s a lovely destination however.

This is the very first Mayan ruin we visited and I also ended up being literally impressed by its beauty. It must not simply take more after that 60 minutes to see this site unless your going trigger-happy with your digital camera. Suggestion: climb framework no. 6, which is the tallest, and from there you receive great views of this entire website.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.28.07 areQuirigua

Is completely unlike exactly what most people would start thinking about to-be a Mayan website. Rather than the iconic high pyramids, Quirigua has actually stelas, or high rock carvings which have stood for more than 1, 300 many years. The location has been populated since about 400 BC, that is considered the late pre-classic age of the Mayans. The people whom decided in Quirigua tend to be believed to have come from Tikal. Quirigua is located in the southeastern element of Guatemala, about a 1-hour drive to Honduras and about 2 hours from Guatemala City.

The must see let me reveal Stela D. it will be the most intact stela since it had been found toppled on the ground. The figure depicted in Stela D is King K’ak Tilw Chan, who was simply the “kings of kings” in Quirigua. Their claim to fame ended up being his beat associated with the competing city of Copan (in Honduras). In the web site you can view the acropolis, which will be completely undamaged and correct across as a result you can view the sleeping quarters for the city’s rulers.

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Was first introduced into the traditional public in 2005 when it had been selected whilst the area to host the American television series “Survivor: Guatemala- The Mayan Empire”. This has now become a well known attraction for anyone taking a trip through Petén Basin and in addition for tourists in Belize as it's just thirty minutes through the Guatemala/Belize border. The name comes from the neighboring lake which offered the town its fresh water offer.

This might be considered to be a smaller sized type of Tikal. Yaxha its a massive complex with increased then 500 frameworks, but most of the pyramids will always be included in the forest. Both ball process of law therefore the forty stelas tend to be breathtaking and may not be missed. Discover a section with three pyramids. It's possible to be climbed, however have to be careful and walk-in a zig-zag style.

Many visitors started to Yaxha within the mid-day hours ahead of the sunshine establishes because from Temple 216 you are able to capture views of 1 best sunsets over Lake Yaxha. If you are viewing Tikal along with time for you visit another Mayan complex, however recommend you go to Yaxha.

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