Mount Everest now in Google

Mount Everest Street View

Inspired by their particular love of mountaineering, four Googlers decided go on a-trip to Everest Base Camp in 2011. Before leaving they discovered they could capture imagery for the travel for Google Maps with a tripod and digital camera, making the photos available in Bing Maps for several to see. So they loaded their packs with cameras, tripods, wide-angle lenses, solar chargers, batteries and laptops, and hopped on a plane to Nepal.

The trek to Everest Base Camp had been a 12-day adventure in the hills in which they fought height nausea, an earthquake, mudslides, snow storms and flash floods to reach their destination and capture this imagery. Because of the gear typically utilized for the company Photos program, they captured a collection of panoramas at key camps as well as other interesting stops as you go along, including a Buddhist monastery.

This intrepid team hiked significantly more than 70 miles (about 50 hours) and reached a height of 18, 192 foot - greater than anywhere in the contiguous U.S. because of their efforts, therefore the leadership of their guide Bhuwan Karki of Adventure Treks Nepal, this spectacular imagery is currently for sale in Street see.

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