Mount Everest Summit

Photos from the top of Mount Everest

Elia SaikalyElia Saikaly

It is 9 p.m. may 20 therefore we've experienced the death zone, the world above 8, 000m, for just over five hours. Life isn't designed to exist here. In the demise area, many of us are transient beings. We lay in my own sleeping case with a brand new air mask strapped to my mind, devouring each synthetic breath of life as though it were my last. Some thing is incorrect. My heart is racing, my palms are perspiring and I'm paying green phlegm uncontrollably. The thing is that, yesterday evening my air mask failed at Camp 3 and while all others slept using gift of synthetic o's, I froze and drifted in and out of awareness. This isn't how you can begin an endeavor on the highest mountain on the planet! Certainly not when you are the actual only real cameraman and 100 % in charge of a-one million-dollar reality tv show.

For the first time within my life, i'm terrified to fall asleep. Why? Because i am afraid i am maybe not going to awaken.2013-05-31-everest2.jpg Edema may be the deadly high altitude illness where the brain or lungs fill with water, often accompanied by coma after that death. The only way to treat pulmonary of cerebral edema is descend which is simply not a choice in my situation. I am aware my own body well and I also've invested many nights at 8, 000m and also this is definitely the worst I have ever before felt.

Weeks of running at 100 per cent while shooting movie when it comes to reality TV show on Mt. Everest has actually eventually trapped for me. My human body is fatigued from running in front of the team trying to capture moments on movie without interrupting the movement of journey. You notice, it really is relatively easy to operate before a group trekking at sea-level with a camera, but take to wearing an area fit, moon shoes, dense gloves and an oxygen mask after that working before an organization while ascending the best mountain on the planet. It is debilitating. In a global where guideline is to never ever surpass 60 per cent of ability, I'm revving at 120 % constantly for eight to 10 hours at a time.

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