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Wonder Nature of the World

Created in 2013, the Indiana University (CSRES) is an interdisciplinary association of scholars, academic programs, and analysis centers through the eight campuses of Indiana University. Our mandate would be to facilitate the introduction of analysis to higher understand religion, ethics, values, and spirituality in community and also to promote collaboration among constituents at IU and beyond. CSRES utilizes and builds upon IU’s extensive skills in faith and ethics to advance research in key motifs.


Aristotle observed that philosophy originates in question. Descartes considered wonder initial of all of the interests, a “sudden shock of soul” that moves your head toward comprehending and away from lack of knowledge. Others have considered wonder a defective state, a stunned response that impedes the acquisition of knowledge. Wonder could be the province associated with wide-eyed son or daughter within the forests, and the wild-eyed scientist in lab. Systematic question beckons us into secret but might banish the mysterious and empty away its energy. Ponder is prompted because of the odd and uncanny, the odd and novel, the transcendent and sublime, as well as activities using the monstrous and horrific. Its virtuous measurements color into generosity, humility, and compassion, while its shadow side indicates the appeal of unwholesome enchantments and hubristic trespass. Wonder can engender moral caution and respect for otherness, nonetheless it may also foster a will to mastery. Wonder has variously already been associated with, or dissociated from, fascination, awe, intimations of divinity, infinity, the sublime, the miraculous or supernatural, thoughts of astonishment and puzzlement. Wonder in addition has played a crucial role within the environmental motion since its beginning.

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