Stonehenge Guided Tours

Stonehenge Guided Tours

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  • Address: Junction of A303 and A344/360, England
  • Hours: day-to-day 9:30am–6pm (to 7pm during the summer)
  • Admission: £6.90
One of several world's greatest mysteries, Stonehenge is a massive circle of 3, 500-year-old standing rocks and earthworks located in the middle of a green industry in Wiltshire. Although it's ambiguous whom built the landmark or just how, Stonehenge is undoubtedly among Britain's main ancient monuments, having already been designated a UNESCO World history site in 1986.

Research implies that the region could have once already been a burial website, and concepts abound that Stonehenge might have astronomical, spiritual and/or supernatural definition. Today, people group into the vista to see the miracle and mystery, specifically at the time of the summertime and wintertime solstices. The website is generally checked out on tour trips from London that combine visits to other towns like Oxford, Salisbury and Bath. Opt for an early-access violation to see Stonehenge throughout its glory with no crowds.

Useful Information

Stonehenge is several miles through the closest city, Amesbury. The nearest place is within Salisbury, linking with London Waterloo, while many buses in addition run between Salisbury and Stonehenge. Both directed and unguided coach trips can be obtained.

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