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Stonehenge myths and legends

Here are some of the actually interesting urban myths and legends about Stonehenge. These legends tend to be primarily sourced from the net many guide books. We now have summarize all of them within web page, wishing that they will provide reading enjoyment to you personally. =)


Before, people worshipped the sun's rays and could communicate with it.

1 day, a group of followers wished to develop a temple to worship the sun. The sun's rays directed all of them to a small forest by the lake where they could get a hold of timber. By the overnight, they managed to build a woodhenge. The sunlight had been happy.

Over time, the sun got more powerful. She found that the woodhenge wasn't adequate and instructed all of them discover stones up north, to build a henge made from stone.

For this reason, the devotees travelled to look for the sacred rocks. After having found the rocks, they ruined the woodhenge and built the Stonehenge.

The sun's rays enjoyed their particular love on her behalf. However, 1 day the sun discovered an extended avenue of stones racing into the lake. Being puzzled, sunlight asked the stones, in which are thou going to? ( Where have you been heading to?)

The rocks after that replied which they hoped which they may help spread the suns good doings with other countries via water route. The Stonehenge has also been built for this purpose so that descendents could understand the suns great deeds.

It was believed that giants as soon as existed, before personal evolved.

1 day, the giants had been moving and circling around from the Salisbury simple. Abruptly, these were frozen and turned into stones. This describes the reason why Stonehenge contained concentric circle.

Many people believe this legend in past times since the model of Stonehenge notably resembles the shape of leaders holding hands, standing in a group.


This face within the rock is obvious on specific days through the summertime period. Some thought that he had been the designer for the Stonehenge. He'd possessed one of the rocks to ensure that the stones would visited no harm.


Stonehenges may also be referred to as rock gallows, which marks the end of people life. It's believed that the stonehenges tend to be gateways to in which individual originally originated from as some believed that peoples return to the place they arrive from.

The legend continues to suggest that every 5, 000 many years or more, somebody attempts to start one of these, which bring about some horribly catastrophic event.

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