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Oldest Seven Wonders of the World

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, a Greek colony in Asia Minor, took over 120 years to create and only one night to destroy. Finished in 550 BCE, the temple ended up being 425 legs (about 129 m) high, 225 legs (virtually 69 m) broad, supported by 127 60 foot (about 18 m) large articles. Sponsored because of the rich King Croesus of Lydia, who spared no expenditure in anything he did (based on Herodotus, amongst others) the temple had been so magnificent that each and every account from it is created with the same tone of awe and every will abide by one other this was extremely amazing structures ever raised by humans. On July 21, 356 BCE a guy called Herostratus set fire to your temple to be able, while he stated, to attain lasting fame by forever being from the destruction of something so beautiful. The Ephesians decreed that his title must not be recorded nor remembered but Strabo set it straight down as a spot of interest within the reputation for the temple. On the same evening the temple burned, Alexander the Great was created and, later on, provided to reconstruct the ruined temple nevertheless Ephesians declined their generosity. It was rebuilt on a less grand-scale after Alexander’s death but had been destroyed by the invasion associated with Goths. Rebuilt once more, it had been finally destroyed utterly by a Christian mob lead by Saint John Chrysostom in 401 CE.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus was the tomb of this Persian Satrap Mauslos, integrated 351 BCE. Mauslos decided to go with Halicarnassus as his money city, and he and his beloved wife Artemisia went along to great lengths to generate a city whose beauty would-be unrivaled worldwide. Mauslos died in 353 BCE and Artemisia wanted to produce a final resting place worth these types of an excellent king. Artemisia passed away two years after Mauslos along with her ashes were entombed together with his in the mausoleum (Pliny the Elder documents that craftsmen continued focus on the structure after the woman death, both as a tribute for their patroness and understanding the work would deliver all of them enduring popularity). The tomb was 135 feet (41 m) tall and ornately decorated with fine sculpture. It had been destroyed by a series of earthquakes and put in damage for hundreds of years until, in 1494 CE, it had been completely dismantled and employed by the Knights of St. John of Malta when you look at the building of these castle at Bodrum (where ancient rocks can certainly still be viewed these days). Its through the tomb of Mauslos that the English term `mausoleum’ comes from.

Statue of Zeus, Olympia Model of the Temple of Artemis Lion from Mausoleum at Halicarnassos Ancient Rhodes by Frantisek Kupka

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