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Roman EmpireHagia Sophia
(Ayasofya Museum, in Istanbul, Turkey) -

Hagia Sophia, the most wonderful Christian Church worldwide from Byzantine Times. Today Hagia Sophia is a museum, honoring both Christian and Muslim religions.

The Hagia Sophia had been constructed in 5 years, from 532 to 537, at requests of Emperor Justinian we and created by Isidore of Miletus.

Just after the Turks conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, the Hagia Sophia ended up being transformed into a mosque. In 1935, the first Turkish President and president of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, transformed the building into a museum. The carpets were removed and the marble floor decorations showed up the very first time in centuries, whilst the white plaster which covered the mosaics had been peeled off using long and cautious work of professionals.

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President, Tesla Memorial community of New York, blogged a book entitled "Roman Empire", these passages and photographs come from this guide.

JesusHagia Sophia - Istanbul, Turkey

"its a beautiful and crucial memorial and a global, inter-cultural gem. The Christian mosaics should be restored plus feasible, nevertheless great black and gold calligraphic disks, the mihrab therefore the presenter's podium are gorgeous treasures and may remain. Unless and until it may be shared by both religions in equilibrium - which will be a grand concept - it will continue to be a secular building honoring both religions who have made it breathtaking.

The Turks could have removed the mosaics down and re-used them; they decided to keep all of them set up for generations to come."

Elena Dent, Member, Tesla Memorial Society of New York

CHRIST PANTOKRATOR, Mid-12th century, mosaic Cefalu, Basilica

Above: CHRIST PANTOKRATOR, Mid-12th century, mosaic Cefalu, Basilica.

From Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia:

The Pantokrator, mainly a Byzantine or east Orthodox theological issue is by that name largely as yet not known to Roman Catholicism and a lot of Protestants. Pantokrator is about similar to the western concept of omnipotence. But omnipotence...

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