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Roar your way to the Manmade Wonders of the World and visit the Hothrough Dam. Explore the history and science under this engineering marvel of the world with Pink Jeep trips’ Hoover Dam Classic tour.

Pink Jeep Tours lets you travel any way you like during your Hoover Dam trip. Your luxurious Tour Trekker, custom-designed for your comfort, waits for you outside your Las vegas, nevada Strip resort. Your trip guide will narrate your journey as you travel from sparkle of Vegas to the roaring liquid associated with Hoover Dam.

Your Hoover Dam tour actually begins whenever you step within the auditorium. Expert sound and film presentations uncover the Hoover Dam’s record and science as well as the plan that resulted in the building associated with the Dam. Jump into interactive displays within the Visitor Center that give an explanation for Hoover Dam’s manufacturing secrets; then search through the gift go shopping for a Hoover Dam souvenir.

Now it’s off to your tour associated with Hoover Dam Power Plant. Find out about exactly what moved into its construction and exactly what operational maintenance keeps the Hoover Dam operating these days.

Whilst the next stage of the Hoover Dam tour starts, you will learn fun details and legends towards information on building the Hoover Dam. Concerns will always welcome, so ask away! After that step outside onto the Hoover Dam observance tower. Maybe you have seen such a sight? Gaze in awe at this huge dam and think about what you’ve learned about how they built it. This is how mankind has actually tamed the rough waters for the Colorado River—and it's spectacular.

Come out on the Hoover Dam along with your digital cameras for astounding views of the turquoise oceans of this Colorado River here. The views of imposing mountains and iridescent liquid are perfect for picturesque panoramic shots and make a good backdrop for your team photo. Wish a photo? Your Pink Jeep journey guide will gladly capture this eternal minute. We in addition drive throughout the Hoover Dam to the Arizona part where you’ll have great views of Hoover Dam spillway and diversion tunnel.

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