Kukulcan Temple at Chichen

Facts about Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza entails ‘at the mouth of this well of this Itza'.

Chichen Itza was built where it absolutely was because of the area of two large normal sink holes nearby that will have offered water year-round.

These sink holes had been considered to are made use of as a spot of personal sacrifice. These sacrifices were produced in times of drought, and guys, women and children would be tossed in the fine as a sacrifice towards the Chac God. The Chac Jesus could be the Maya Jesus of rain and lightning and these sacrifices had been done to get rid of drought.

The Castillo has become the most famous picture of Chichen Itza. Castillo suggests palace in Spanish. The Castillo is a monument in the shape of a pyramid. You can find four staircases externally of pyramid. The image for the Castillo happens to be popularized in media..

In about 600 AD. Chichen Itza had began to gain relevance in your community. Around 900 and 1050 AD. Chichen Itza had become a strong money. Moreover it monitored northern and central Yucatan at the time.

It absolutely was one of the biggest Maya cities also had the absolute most diverse population in almost any Maya populace. It covered five square kilometers.

Lots of the Maya people that lived-in Chichen Itza had been very competent craftsmen, including sculptors, weavers, jewelers and potters.

There's a wide variety of architectural designs this is certainly caused by the fact that Chichen Itza had these types of diverse populace and tradition.

Individuals of Chichen Itza built powerful allies with regional tribes and also this aided all of them thrive for 2 hundreds of years.

There is certainly archaeological research to aid the idea that municipal war smashed in about 1221.and the power of Yucatan shifted to Mayapan, leaving Chichen Itza behind.

Chichen Itza might have been a spiritual center for a period of time and is thought to happen a pilgrimage location for the Maya. Some claim that your website where Chichen Itza was built was already a favorite place of pilgrimage long before building associated with city ever began.

All the buildings of Chichen Itza are made of stone. It's also thought that the Maya performed no use the wheel to construct some of their temples, pyramids or palaces.

Several of the most popular structures in Chichen Itza having survived include: The Warrior's Temple, El Castillo, together with Great Ball legal.

Chichen Itza is recognized as become one the Seven marvels of this New World.

Section of just what sparked a pastime in Chichen Itza was a book (vacation diary) published by John Lloyd Stephens in 1843 called situations of Travel in Yucatan. Additional research of the town started from the interest and imagination of his visitors. By 1875 a statue was recovered and excavation proceeded.

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