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Cailin at Victoria FallsI can’t bear in mind just how long “visiting Victoria Falls” was on my mental bucket number but I happened to be beyond delighted whenever back at my present visit to Southern Africa not just performed I have to consult with this All-natural ponder of the World as soon as, but i eventually got to visit twice!

The Victoria Falls is found on Zambezi River generating the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and can be visited/seen from both countries. I became checking out at the beginning of December 2013 and my journey was arranged so I happened to be in a position to see from both countries.

Part of Victoria Falls all dry out. The whole rock face on the proper is completely included in a curtain of water throughout the high period and it is impractical to start to see the bottom.

This time around of the year been the end of the dried out period and due to that there ended up beingn’t nearly the maximum amount of water-flowing across falls as there's at its heaviest into the rainy season. I happened to be really astonished to observe how bare components of the falls had been that we discovered is partly due and to the near by Hydro Electric plant diverting water. Both tour guides I'd but ensured to emphasize the fact because there weren’t huge falls covering all rock face, that I became after that able to understand geological features which are ordinarily hidden. Added bonus for stone nerds! All joking apart it absolutely was quite cool to see.

Victoria Falls dry outVictoria Falls as seen from Zimbabwe side. They weren’t all dry out.

Check out of my

– When of the season is a superb time to see nevertheless may want to prevent April (peak rainy/flood season) as soon as the falls have reached their fullest. They create plenty mist that do not only do you want to get soaked however it is also extremely difficult to even begin to see the falls through the haze.

– will you be a dare-devil? If you should be planning to trip to hang from the side like a crazy individual when you look at the Devil’s Pool always visit at the end of dry period around November. This is how the price of circulation are at its cheapest making visiting the Devil’s Pool best.

victoria drops from zimbabweCrazy men and women hang out in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls.

*Note: The devil’s pool is accessible through the Zambia region of the lake. Going from Zimbabwe to Zambia as a Canadian in December 2013 are priced at myself US. In the event that you plan on returning to Zimbabwe realize (at least for Canadians) you need to pay full price for the next VISA as several entry VISAs are not offered. Once I at first went to Zimbabwe as a Canadian I experienced to cover $75. It is nonetheless cheaper for the US and Europe.

– In addition know that to go to the Devil’s Pool you might be either going to spend a trip operator about 0+ or you will need certainly to sneak up to it (located at Livingstone Island) then again you don’t have actually helpful information suggesting the best place to get and how to handle it and seeing aside for your needs so that you don’t fall throughout the falls.

the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls– No matter enough time of the season you may get damp! I became here at the start of December as well as on components of the Zimbabwe side I got wet, but it ended up being therefore hot out it had been refreshing, not for my camera gear.

– Bring water. Like the majority of visitor locations the price of water is much more high priced on location than if you purchase it else in which before arriving.

– Wear good hiking shoes, particularly important for the wet places that could be slippery.

The waterfall known as the Devil’s Cataract, which can simply be seen from Zimbabwe region of the falls.

– If you are remaining nearby make an effort to book an accommodation which has had tours toward falls included. We paid extra to see the falls inside my hotel in Zimbabwe nonetheless it was free from my Zambian resort. My Zimbabwe resort ended up being a 15min drive to your falls as well as the Zambian hotel ended up being a 50min drive to your falls, be sure to explain that reasoning for me.

– Don’t hurry your visit, take care to relish it. We went to two times and I also however feel like i wish to return back and spend more time there.

– if you're able to pay for it get helpful tips, they tell you about much more information about the falls and also the location after that what you can figure out for yourself from simply checking out.

– when you can only check out from one country we suggest watching the falls from Zimbabwe. The Zambian part was a little bit of an unhappy, particularly since it had been the dried out period, nevertheless I’m yes it could be acutely thrilling when the falls have reached ability.

To master some interesting details about the falls like size, who was the initial European to see and identify the falls, and also how many types of seafood live above and underneath the falls click play on the movie and luxuriate in!

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